View Full Version : Combobox to many textbox binding.

3 Apr 2009, 6:54 AM
Hi Friends,
My problem is I have a screen(written in EXT-GWT) called Edit Profile in which user is allowed to edit their profile, provided they give there corresponding userid.
Userid is provided to user by a combobox in which he selects the userid.
When he select his userid in combo, corresponding other details should be displayed in other text fields like address, emailid, etc.. so that he can change those.

Im able to retrieve the selected value from combo, now I have to use this in query which is written in xml file. I have to pass this selected value to xml file so that query fecthes other corresponding information.

Im using spring framework in this.
My main GUI file is written as EditProfile.java, from which Im able to get selected value from combo.
I implemented Exampleservice.java, ExampleServiceImpl.java, MasterDAO.java, MasterDAOImpl.java file, and using a bean called User bean(User.java) which has corresponding xml called User.xml

Please help me to solve this problem.:-/