View Full Version : Suggestion : BeanModel, allow deferred property update

6 Apr 2009, 7:55 AM
Ignore this, I realised the combination of grids monitoring changes (and turning it off) was really what I needed! Apologies

Hi -

It would be nice if I could use the BeanModel put defer the actual updates into the Bean itself until they should be comitted. I currently have my own wrapper, which is essentially a BaseModel wrapping a BeanModel. This allows me to set things (from editors) on the model, and choose when to sync to the underlying BeanModel.

Maybe an optional setting on the BeanModel to defer update events until finished. I use this in examples where I edit a table entry where the entry is a BeanModel. I then defer the updates to the BeanModel by wrapping it and calling a sync method when the user saves that updates all the properties in one go.

I know there are loads of ways of doing this, but I want to stay "close" to the BeanModel that is the ultimate target.

comments / discussion welcome!