View Full Version : [CLOSED][Core 3.0 beta] Function createSequence missing

15 Apr 2009, 5:54 AM
createSequence is not defined but it's still cleaned up in the code below:

if(Ext.isIE) {
function fnCleanUp() {
var p = Function.prototype;
delete p.createSequence;
delete p.defer;
delete p.createDelegate;
delete p.createCallback;
delete p.createInterceptor;

window.detachEvent("onunload", fnCleanUp);
window.attachEvent("onunload", fnCleanUp);

15 Apr 2009, 5:57 AM
True, but then we'd need a seperate version of the deletion methods in the Ext build as well. This doesn't really cause any issue does it?

15 Apr 2009, 6:03 AM
Guess not... I just thought it looked odd, that something was deleted that is never there. So createSequence will be defined by whatever is on top of Ext Core?

This would confuse me less:

var fp = Function.prototype;
for (var p in fp ) {
delete fp[p];