View Full Version : GXT 2.0 "FAST_TREE_ITEM_ID" ?

16 Apr 2009, 12:36 PM
Can someone explain the behavior of the Fast Tree Item in GXT 2.0 and how it differentiates from the standard tree items? I didn't see much in the Javadoc, and from looking at the GXT 2.0 demo explorer didn't pull out much (other than it is fast for 500 items)


16 Apr 2009, 4:03 PM
It's a faster rendering version of the tree item widget. To accomplish this, the fancy CSS mouse-overs and rounded borders were removed since they added to the rendering time. I think the DOM element structure was also collapsed for the fast tree.

16 Apr 2009, 4:13 PM
Excatly. The dom structure was minimized and it uses bulk rendering. But because of the minimized dom structure it doesnt support the rounded corners etc.