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19 Apr 2009, 9:38 AM
I have some issues with xAxis and TimeAxis.

- First if I use xAxis and yAxis in the same chart, the yAxis labelRenderer method stop to work. While it works with only yAxis declared.

- When I have xAxis define as a TimeAxis, firefox crash.

- The chart example use already formatted date String, ex: July 08, instead of Date object. So they don't provide any good example for that.

Here is the code that make crash firefox:

xtype: 'columnchart',
store: fund.performanceDS,
xField: 'Date',
yAxis: new Ext.chart.NumericAxis({
displayName: 'Value',
labelRenderer : renderPercentage
xAxis: new Ext.chart.TimeAxis({
labelRenderer: renderMonth,

series: [{
type: 'column',
displayName: 'Value',
yField: 'Value'

renderPercentage = function(v) {
if (v) {
v = (parseFloat(v) * 100).toFixed(2);
return v + '%';

renderMonth = function(v) {
return v.format("m/y")

List of chart examples:

20 May 2009, 4:26 AM
I've got the same issue, using TimeAxis makes firefox (3.0.10) crash.

Perhaps this thread should be moved to Bugs.

20 May 2009, 4:29 AM
Yes. Ext 3.0 Bugs.

23 Jun 2009, 10:59 AM
I can't reproduce this with the SVN version. It seems as though sometimes the TimeAxis display can be a little funky but this is an issue with the chart component. Marking this as closed.