View Full Version : DateField's DatePicker misplaced inside layout / content panel

23 May 2007, 6:10 AM
Hey all, im having problems associated to a datefield's datepicker. It seems to get misplaced at the bottom of the page in certain occasions.

I've recorded a small video to explain what's going on. Everything seems ok once the page gets to a certain height, otherwise, the datepicker gets displayed at the bottom of the page.


this form used to render ok before it was inserted into a borderlayout's contentpanel. I've used fitToFrame and autoScroll, which does not seem to affect anything.

One thing i notice is that the datepicker gets absolutely positioned with left and top coordinates it seems. Any reason for this ? Isn't there a more appropriate way to accomplish this using relative positionning or negative margin-top values ?

thanks for the help!