View Full Version : [FIXED][3.x] MemoryProxy.doRequest. Wrong signature

29 Apr 2009, 2:33 AM
Highlighted argument should not be present. A Writer is not passed.

Ext.extend(Ext.data.MemoryProxy, Ext.data.DataProxy, {
* @event loadexception
* Fires if an exception occurs in the Proxy during data loading. Note that this event is also relayed
* through {@link Ext.data.Store}, so you can listen for it directly on any Store instance.
* @param {Object} this
* @param {Object} arg The callback's arg object passed to the {@link #load} function
* @param {Object} null This parameter does not apply and will always be null for MemoryProxy
* @param {Error} e The JavaScript Error object caught if the configured Reader could not read the data

* MemoryProxy implementation of DataProxy#doRequest
* @param {String} action
* @param {Ext.data.Record/Ext.data.Record[]} rs If action is load, rs will be null
* @param {Object} params An object containing properties which are to be used as HTTP parameters
* for the request to the remote server.
* @param {Ext.data.DataReader} reader The Reader object which converts the data
* object into a block of Ext.data.Records.
* @param {Ext.data.DataWriter} writer
* @param {Function} callback The function into which to pass the block of Ext.data.Records.
* The function must be passed <ul>
* <li>The Record block object</li>
* <li>The "arg" argument from the load function</li>
* <li>A boolean success indicator</li>
* </ul>
* @param {Object} scope The scope in which to call the callback
* @param {Object} arg An optional argument which is passed to the callback as its second parameter.
doRequest : function(action, rs, params, reader, writer, callback, scope, arg) {
// No implementation for CRUD in MemoryProxy. Assumes all actions are 'load'
params = params || {};
var result;
try {
result = reader.readRecords(this.data);
this.fireEvent("loadexception", this, arg, null, e);
callback.call(scope, null, arg, false);
callback.call(scope, result, arg, true);

30 Apr 2009, 9:39 PM
Right. I removed necessity of Writer being passed beyond Store.
Forgot about MemoryProxy.