View Full Version : back button support in all browsers?

16 Nov 2006, 11:43 AM
Here's an interesting article post on http://ajaxian.com about someone who may have finally solved the back button issue with ajax and browsers. I'm going to be playing with this soon. It requires backend and frontend work to use it, so I'm not sure it's something that could be integrated into yui-ext, but if I get it working, I'll throw an example up in the appropriate forum. http://www.streampad.com/blog/?p=110

16 Nov 2006, 8:34 PM
Very cool. I haven't messed with this because YUI is supposed to be creating a history control. I'm not sure when it will be done though.

17 Nov 2006, 5:37 AM
Dojo handles the Back Button pretty well.

See http://manual.dojotoolkit.org/WikiHome/DojoDotBook/Book0

Here are some examples : http://archive.dojotoolkit.org/nightly/tests/undo/test_browser.html

However looking forward to the YUI impl of the same feature.


17 Nov 2006, 7:16 AM
If that's the case, I may wait on Yahoo's implementation before I decide on which way to go.