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1 May 2009, 12:26 PM
I've been reading about the new GWT event model (handlers instead of listeners, more info: http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/tutorials/1.6/manageevents.html). Because GXT 2.0 works only with GWT 1.6, I naturally assumed that some of the changes from GWT made their way into GXT as well, and that one of these changes was the new GWT event model I've been reading about. Unfortunately this is not the case...it seems that GXT decided to stick with the old model and not move to the new one.
Is this because the new event model is not yet considered mature? And if so, is there any plan to integrate it in a later stage? Or is there another reason for not moving in that direction?

14 Oct 2009, 5:55 PM
I am interseted in knowing the reason why not move towards GWT event model too :D

21 Oct 2009, 7:41 AM
Yes what is the plans for events GXT people? I don't see anything on the roadmap. Any info or thoughts much appreciated...

Kevin Daly
14 Dec 2009, 7:08 PM
Are there any plans to go to the eventhandler model that's in the newer versions of GWT?

Are there any technical reasons that Ext has stayed with the old model?

Thanks i advance.

15 Dec 2009, 8:45 AM
I also would like an answer to this question.

Kevin Daly
18 Dec 2009, 7:29 PM
I saw somewhere that a future version of Ext GWT will take full advantage of GWT 2.0, I'm not sure when this release is coming.


I would assume that since it will only support GWT 2.0+, they will change to support the new Event model.

19 Dec 2009, 8:18 AM
Its not on the official roadmap. http://www.extjs.com/products/gxt/roadmap.php

I would prefer to see full GWT paradigms used than the other things on the roadmap. I can't code using the GWT best practices till that is in place. If we could get a guesstimate, even very rough, it would help with planning.