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24 May 2007, 3:10 PM
In the Attached Image, an alert and a MessageBox are displayed. Notice that the Alert box recognizes the line feed in the msgString. However, the MessageBox does not....

The following is the Code used to produce the Alert & MessageBox:
Ext.MessageBox.alert('Invalid FLW Member Id', 'ErrCode: ' + rs.errcode + '\u000AErrMsg: ' + rs.errmsg, null);
alert('ErrCode: ' + rs.errcode + '\u000AErrMsg: ' + rs.errmsg);

Is it possible to get the MessageBox to recognize the line feeds? If so, can someone please provide an example or point out the obvious to me?

Thanks in Advance!!

24 May 2007, 6:05 PM
since it is html in there and not a javascript string object, I'd suggest trying to add a br tag