View Full Version : TreeTable rows do not display in Chrome (beta channel)

12 May 2009, 6:36 AM
Hello all,

I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug in Webkit/Chrome rather than Ext GWT, but it's worth raising here in case anyone else comes across the same issue in the future.

Using Chrome on the beta updates channel, currently v2.0.172.23 (beta channel), if I look at the TreeTable sample on this site and with my own code, the contents of the tree do not render, or render inconsistently.

Specifically this example:

Upon loading the page, I can see that there is a single row in the table, but I cannot see the text or the arrow to expand the contents of the root node.

The example works in Chrome stable (v1.0.154.65, webkit 525.19) and Safari 4 beta (webkit 528.16). The beta version of Chrome uses Webkit 530.5, so this could be a regression in Webkit or some differing interpretation of the HTML Ext GWT produces. I've not been able to test against a Webkit Nightly to see if the issue is also present there.

The column tree example in Ext JS 2.0 does work however, if that helps diagnose the issue at all (not sure how related they are):

Operating System: Windows XP SP2