View Full Version : Tabs with BorderLayout - South of 2nd Tab Appears on First Tab

12 May 2009, 12:24 PM
I've been working with GXT for about 2 weeks now with great success...however, I've just now spent the last few hours searching for a solution to this with no luck, so hopefully I can explain sufficiently for someone to help.

I've got a TabPanel in the East of a border layout. Each TabItem contains a LayoutContainer that in turn contains ContentPanels.

TabItem #1 -> LayoutContainer-> ContentPanel (North), ContentPanel(Center), ContentPanel(South)

TabItem #2 -> LayoutContainer -> ContentPanel(North), ContentPanel(South).

My Problem is that immediately after rendering the tabs, with the first tab visible, the SOUTH ContentPanel (and ONLY the south) from TabItem #2 pops up on the top -- though TabItem #2 isn't currently selected. If I resize the TabPanel, it disappears.

Then, if I switch to TabItem #2, I see the bottom half of the North ContentPanel and the South panel is not visible. Again, if I resize the TabPanel, they "jump" into proper position.

The _really_ weird thing is that if I SWAP the TabItems around and make #1, #2, etc., I get the reverse results. The first visible tab displays properly and the second tab's SOUTH component renders on top of the first tab. It doesn't seem to matter what the contents of the panel are.

I've tried a number of things with the layouts, but nothing works.

Am I just doing something dumb here?