View Full Version : Store changes not showing up

13 May 2009, 1:05 AM

I am trying to render a tree back-ended by a Proxy that retrieves data asynchronously from the server, and then a grid that uses a MemoryProxy . The idea is for the Memory Proxy to use the first proxy (which I'll call MyBaseTreeProxy) to obtain its data.

The tree displays as items users that have as children the assigned roles, and then roles that have as children the assigned users. Loading the tree works, but I have issues retrieving Model properties afterward.

Below I am posting the OnLoad method from MyBaseTreeProxy:

protected void onLoad(TreeLoadEvent le) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
MyBaseModel parent = le.getConfig();
List<MyBaseModel> children = le.getData();
if (parent!=null && children!=null) {
for (MyBaseModel child : children) {
child.setParent((TreeModel) parent);
In the load method of the memory proxy, I am filling the data using the MyBaseTreeProxy.

Here, it seems that only using myBaseTreeProxy.getChildren(rootModel) works. ON the other hand, rootModel.getChildren() does not. It returns an empty list, while the method called on the proxy returns the children that were earlier added.

This has a workaround, but the following does not. After having loaded a user for example, when I load a role under it, I set a property on the parent user, that does not get reflected in the user model.

Moreover, let's say I add I role to a user by adding a tree item. This will show up in userModel.getChildren(), but only this.

Could I get some advice in how to make the updates outside the load method of a model show up also?