View Full Version : should GXT 2.0 look the same on all modern browsers?

16 May 2009, 4:52 AM

I am assuming this to be the case but have started working on a test project for GXT and I am definitely seeing some big differences between firefox and IE. Basically I am just wondering if I can just assume that those differences will gone by the time that 2.0 is released.

I have found that the firefox rendering to be the expected visual appearance. Just FYI. Thanks.


16 May 2009, 4:54 AM
Can you please post some screenshot. Or can you name the component, that looks different?

16 May 2009, 7:23 AM
Sure, I have other examples as well but I'll post 1 just to make sure I'm not doing something wrong and if this is really an issue I can post more...

Here is the form code below:

protected void onRender(Element target, int index) {
super.onRender(target, index);

FormPanel form = new FormPanel();
form.setHeading("Some Form");

TextField<String> textField = new TextField<String>();
textField.setFieldLabel("Text Field");
form.add(textField, new FormData(250, -1));

RadioGroup radioGroup = new RadioGroup();
radioGroup.setFieldLabel("Radio options");
Radio opt1 = new Radio();
opt1.setBoxLabel("This is the text for option 1");
Radio opt2 = new Radio();
opt2.setBoxLabel("This is the text for option 2");
Radio opt3 = new Radio();
opt3.setBoxLabel("This is the text for option 3");
form.add(radioGroup, new FormData(400, -1));

form.addButton(new Button("Save", new SelectionListener<ButtonEvent>() {
public void componentSelected(ButtonEvent ce) {
// save the form
Here are some issues that I have noticed:
1) in IE, the form is center-aligned in the parent and in FF the form is left-aligned
2) in IE, the text field and radio options are center-aligned and in FF the radio options are left-aligned and the text field is center-aligned. I haven't figured yet how to make the text field left aligned...
3) in IE there is additional margin or padding around the radio group options and in FF there is not.

Basically, I'm hoping this will eventually look the way the do in FF (except maybe having the text field align to the left by default... or at least all of the form field having the same behavior).

I have attached the screenshots... I'm not necessarily assuming that this is your issue as I may just not know the correct way of doing things which is why I was posted this thread in the first place.

Thank you.


17 May 2009, 10:44 AM
So, I'm really just trying to understand if this is something that I can expect with the 2.0 release. Can I assume this? Thank you.

Joe Hudson