View Full Version : Grid row selection with watij

19 May 2009, 12:57 PM
I am currently using GWT-EXT for my webapp and am attempting to implement watij junit test cases to automate my regression testing. On screens containing GWT Grid(s), the selection of a grid row enables the lower portion of the screen to display additional details about the item selected. I am having difficulty simulating a rowclick via watij, and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

So far, I can find the Table in question (className = "x-grid3-row-table"), and I can iterate through its rows and cells to find data. My problem is "How do I simulate a rowclick?". I have references to the Table in question (myTable), the Row in question (myRow), the Cell in question (myCell), and the Div in question (myDiv), but I do not have access to the actual Grid or an Event (is there are way to obtain these via watij??)

I have tried the following (all to no avail, or to the avail of "InvocationTargetException"):


Do I need additional parameters or a different method? If I need different parameters (and they are not obvious), how do I obtain them?

Alternatively, if anyone has another suggestion for a (free) tool to automate UI regression testing (non-recording), that information would be welcome as well.