View Full Version : ytheme-gray for grid, toolbar and scrollbar

17 Nov 2006, 10:30 AM

The new gray theme isn't being applied on grids, toolbars, and scrollbars.

Using 0.33-rc1


17 Nov 2006, 12:31 PM
Maybe you have an old version cached??

I just added class="ytheme-gray" to the body tag of my sample and it's seems OK. It's basically a version of the layout6 example with tabs. Did the same thing with a grid sample and it seems OK. However, the scrollbars are not affected. It seems they're browser based - in IE they're always gray, in FF they're always blue.

17 Nov 2006, 8:09 PM
I don't mess with the scrollbars as it's not cross-browser.

It's funny you mention this because I am working on some enhancements to the toolbar right now. The toolbar will have some matching themes as well.

Please put stuff like this in "Feature Requests" as it's not a bug.