View Full Version : [FNR] Explorer 1.2.4 one-off error in Forms>Forms>TimeField

21 May 2009, 5:21 AM
In the Explorer 1.2.4 demo (http://extjs.com/explorer/#forms) on the Forms>Forms demo the TimeField highlights the wrong item after a time has been selected and then the select list is popped up.

For example,

Select 4:00 PM
Click the down arrow on the right to pop the list up
4:15 PM is incorrectly highlighted

Although I am not using TimeField I have the same one-off problem with ComboBox (with setEditable(false)) using GXT 1.2.4 so I am hoping a fix to TimeField will fix ComboBox to show the selected item when the list is popped up.

In ComboBox.onLoad(StoreEvent) selectNext() is invoked when editable = false so maybe this is intentional behaviour. However this behaviour surprises me and looks like a bug.

29 Jun 2009, 6:29 AM
Fixed in SVN.