View Full Version : Column Width Fixed & AutoWidth

28 May 2009, 4:39 AM
Oops, I just noticed this is a 3.0 section and I'm still using ver 2
Admin can move please?


I am not sure how to do this. I have played with fixed, forceFit, width, autoWidth but I'm just not getting what I want.

Basically I got about 6 columns.
ID | Name | Employment Date | Salary | Bonus

I have a grid with a width of 700px.
I want ID, Employment Date, Salary, Bonus to have a fixed width.
I then want Name to "auto width" so that it stretches to the maximum it can be.
I don't want the grid to ever show scroll bars so "force fit" must be true.

When the grid is resized, the Name column is the only one I want to change.

The problem seems to be that if you set forcefit to true, the column widths are ignored.

Can someone help me with the best solution for this?
Is there a setting on the grid, columns I need to set?