View Full Version : Tree Grid Dynamic Loading Problem

28 May 2009, 4:12 PM
I am having a couple of problems with TreeGrid in 2.0M2. I am trying to use in to replace a TreeTable because of performance problems when expanding. My code is very similar to the example. The only difference is that it starts empty on render and then I'm adding items to it during an event from another widget. I'm using the store to add 2 items and their children. This has the effect of removing the column headers and showing no data. This works fine using a tree table (although slow). When I try to explicitly call refresh using getView().refresh(true), I get the following JS error:

[ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped
com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (Error): Member not found.

number: -2147467259
description: Member not found.

If anyone has seen this or sees something stupid I'm doing, please let me know.


16 Jun 2009, 5:58 AM
I am having the same issue.