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29 May 2009, 3:01 AM
Hi all community;

I was using FusionCharts in my application before. After Ext 3.0 supports charts and some extrasI needed I triedto upgrade it. And now having some problems with PieChart component. It doesn't return any errors but can't see any piechart on my app. Maybe I'm making a mistake?

var uretimStore = new Ext.data.JsonStore({
var chart= new Ext.chart.PieChart({
categoryField: 'adi',
dataField: 'deger'

and my json returns

{'data':[{'adi':'Toplam Üretim', 'deger':45000},{'adi':'Gerçekle?en Üretim','deger':12875}]}

I tried with no url parameter nothing changed, also tried to turn it into LineChart ( with changing categoryField and dataField to xField,yField) it shows a successful linechart. but I couldn't still get a PieChart. Help pls

I noticed that in Moz chart.refresh() returns an error like

this.swf.setDataProvider is not a function
DomHelper()ext-all.js (line 9)
DomHelper(Object scope=Object options=Object)ext-all.js (line 9)
urlDecode([Object scope=Object options=Object], function(), undefined)ext-base.js (line 19)
DomHelper()ext-all.js (line 9)
DomHelper()ext-all.js (line 9)
DomHelper(Object success=true records=[2] totalRecords=2, Object params=Object, true)ext-all.js (line 9)
DomHelper(Object params=Object method=GET request=Object, true, Object tId=7 status=200 statusText=OK)ext-all.js (line 9)
b(Object tId=7 status=200 statusText=OK)ext-all.js (line 9)
handleTransactionResponse(Object conn=XMLHttpRequest tId=7, Object scope=Object argument=Object timeout=30000, undefined, undefined)ext-base.js (line 104)
handleReadyState()ext-base.js (line 112)
[Break on this error] Ext.DomHelper=function(){var u=null,l=/^(?:br|frame|hr|img|input|link|meta|range...

I think I found-out the main problem. When I reload datastore ( here it is json store ) it tries to refresh the chart but can't and chart disappears. I made a periodical store reloader of which makes reloading the store every 30 seconds. My chart appears on first load of page, but at the same time it starts to reload store data it disappears and never come back.

29 May 2009, 7:26 AM
so is this a help request now, or are you posting a bug?

(just FYI you posted in the 3.x Bugs forum
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