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2 Jun 2009, 7:07 AM

We've been playing around with GXT for a while now and my colleague Ale has written an excellent blog on performance in GXT:


My question is about GXT 2.0 performance - considering object creation in JavaScript is probably one of the heaviest things you can do in terms of performance, we were dissapointed to see that the new Events model in GXT has moved away from GWT's integer based system to Objects, i.e. A new object is created for every click, context menu, add/remove etc. event in GXT now!

While this may not pose a massive hit to newer browsers, older browsers such as IE6 will have a massive performance hit from this new approach! We really love GXT and are considering using it for one of our products but we really need to be careful of performance, while we can fix things like HashMaps as explained in the blog, we can't fix major framework changes like this one.

Can the team explain the reasonining behind this new approach and is this something that will be part of the framework going forwards or can it be rectified?



2 Jun 2009, 7:25 AM
The EventTypes are only created once. So this change is really minimal. The overall performance in GXT 2 is very much better than in any version before.