View Full Version : [FIXED] TreePanel issues

Colin Alworth
8 Jun 2009, 8:46 AM
We've noticed a couple of issues with the new TreePanel class.
1.) The CheckChange event is never fired by anything in the TreePanel package. This makes it difficult to know when a checkbox has been clicked. It also makes the method "addCheckListener" completely useless.
Possible solution: In the deprecated Tree code, this event was thrown by "onCheckChange" in the DefaultTreeItemUI. Could it be added to that same method in TreePanelView?

2.) The checkNodes property, which sets which items display a checkbox (leaf, parent, or both) is never used. This makes it impossible to make only leaf nodes checkable, and makes the well-documented "setCheckNodes" method useless.
Possible Solution: In TreePanelView, change "getTemplate" to make use of the checkNodes property when determining whether to draw the check box, rather than drawing it on every single node if the boolean "checkable" is set to true.

I know this code is new, but as it is intended to completely replace the deprecated Tree, we are trying to get all of our code switched over as soon as possible.

8 Jun 2009, 12:42 PM
Both issues are fixed in SVN.