View Full Version : upgrading from ext2 to ext3 -> changes in rendering elements?

10 Jun 2009, 5:17 AM
hi together,

i am working since the june 3rd on upgrading an app from ext2.2.1 to ext3.0-rc2. after reading the changes serveral times, i could not find a point, that describes what changes where made when rendering layouts.

example: i have a toolbar with buttons, onClick each one opens an ext.Window each containig a formPanel. i open the windows with the animate:true - config.

in ext2.x after the animation ends and the proxy is replaced through the window, the form inside is already rendered. in ext.3 the form renders AFTER the window is shown. that doesn't look nice at all, especially, when there are images inside (i can post a screen if needed).

the much worser problem is, that in ext.2 it was possible, to access the form-items on window.show(). for example loading the form, expanding fieldsets, settingValues etc.

now, since the formpanel is not rendered on the first opening, i have to rewrite quite huge parts of code. formpanel.onRender doesn't help either, since that does not guarantee, that the elements inside are also rendered. using defer() or picking the last form element might help....

to be more general: is there a documentation about the changes that cause these isues or is it possible to somehow use the old rendering-style in ext3, like tabpanels having deferredRender: false.

i like the general thought, to render items exactly at the time, they are needed, but in the window-case the content is needed before win.show() starts.

kind regards, tobiu

10 Jun 2009, 5:32 AM
There have been scores of bugfixes applied to the code in SVN since that was released.

And yes there is a thread about upgrading.

10 Jun 2009, 6:12 AM
hi nige,

i know the sticky upgrading-thread, but i have not found anything about the rendering of elements there.

kind regards, tobiu

10 Jun 2009, 6:19 AM
I don't think there are large changes in theg rendering processing.