View Full Version : Problem in TreeTable Vertical Scrollbar

15 Jun 2009, 5:37 AM

I am facing one problem in TreeTable component. I think this should be the bug in TreeTable component because I found same issue in Showcase example also.

I have TreeTable component in one of my panel having hundreds of rows with vertical scrollbar. As per the size of TreeTable, at a time I can see only 20 rows. So, I need to scroll down to see more rows.

Now, I go down one by one row using keyboard down arrow key. Ideally, If I reached to 21st, 22nd.... rows, scroll bar should automatically go down. But it doesn't happens in TreeTable componenet. But, when I will reach last row in TreeTable and you keep pressing down arrow key, scrollbar will start to move down .

Hope, you will get my problem.

So, Please suggest me some work arround for this if available or kindly fix this issue.