View Full Version : Possible Rendering Issue in FF3?

16 Jun 2009, 9:50 AM
Hello GXT Experts!

I am having a stange issue here - very strange indeed.

I designed a simple html template with some static content. The main area features a simple styled html table where the main cell is dedicated to receive a component created by GXT.

The cell - a <td> element - has a unique ID and in the onModuleLoad() method of the GWT component, I just create a new widget containing two simple panel with a RowLayout and add it to the page with

RootPanel.get("tdId").add( homePage.buildPage() );The method
buildPage() of the widget class
homePage will return a reference to
homePage itself. (See code below)

So, when I compile and run my project in GWT hosted mode, everything runs just fine. Also, if I render the same page using IE7, I also see the expected result.

However, when I try to render the same page in FF3 or Google Chrome, my html template shows up, but the two components in my "main area" just won't render. If I examine the page DOM, however, in Firebug, I can see that all elements are there but FF3 (and Chrome) just won't render it.

Any idea what would be wrong with my code below?

Thanks for any help.

Code of onModuleLoad method in main component class:

* This is the entry point method.
public void onModuleLoad()
final HomePage homePage = new HomePage();
RootPanel.get("dg3_area").add( homePage.buildPage() );
Code of widget class called HomePage:

public class HomePage extends LayoutContainer {

private ContentPanel leftPanel;
private LayoutContainer mainPanel;

public HomePage() {
// set a layout for our home page
final RowLayout layout = new RowLayout(Style.Orientation.HORIZONTAL);

// create our two content panels
leftPanel = new ContentPanel();
leftPanel.setSize(-1, 200);

mainPanel = new LayoutContainer();
mainPanel.setSize(-1, 200);

public HomePage buildPage() {
// first add some test text here
leftPanel.addText("Left Panel here");
mainPanel.addText("Main Panel here");
this.add(leftPanel, new RowData(0.2, 200.0));
this.add(mainPanel, new RowData(0.8, 200.0));

return this;