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19 Jun 2009, 12:46 AM

I am facing one problem in TreeTable component. I think this should be the bug in TreeTable component because I found same issue in Showcase example also.

I have TreeTable component in one of my panel having hundreds of rows with vertical scrollbar. As per the size of TreeTable, at a time I can see only 20 rows. So, I need to scroll down to see more rows.

Now, I go down one by one row using keyboard down arrow key. Ideally, If I reached to 21st, 22nd.... rows, scroll bar should automatically go down. But it doesn't happens in TreeTable componenet. But, when I will reach last row in TreeTable and you keep pressing down arrow key, scrollbar will start to move down .

Steps of reproduction:

1. Open Showcase example using http://extjs.com/explorer/#treetable (http://extjs.com/forum/../explorer/#treetable)
2. Expand "gxt" node and its children until you get vertical scrollbar
3. Now, select any row say "gxt"
4. Use down arrow key to select rows in TreeTable.
5. Ideally, when we reach at the row which is not visible in screen, scrollbar should automatically starts to move down as and when rows get selected. But it doesn't happen in this.

Hope, you will get my explanation. It may be possible that you are already aware of this bug. But, I didn't find any related thread so posting this.

So, please do needful ASAP or provide some help.