View Full Version : Menu hiding throws Javascript error in compiled mode.

20 Jun 2009, 12:27 PM
Using GXT_1.2.3. FF 3.* and IE 7.* both throw exception when you click away from any menu. In other words drop down a menu, or open a context menu in a grid etc. etc.

This only happens in compiled mode, no errors show in hosted mode.

The error says 'b' or 'c' is null but in PRETTY mode its this$static_0 is null.

I started compiling in PRETTY mode and then used firebug and it seems that

this$static_0 is null...

function $indexOf_8(this$static_0, o, index){

for (; index < this$static_0.size; ++index) {

if (equalsWithNullCheck(o, this$static_0.array[index])) {

return index;



return -1;


Further up the stack trace I see var l being null after it returns from the dynamicCast call. The eventKey is 400

function $removeHandler(this$static_0, eventKey, handler){

var l;

l = dynamicCast(this$static_0.map.get_1(eventKey), 169);

$remove_20(l, handler);

if (l.size == 0) {




Any help would be awesome.

Thanks, guys,