View Full Version : GroupingView.setShowGroupedColumn in 1.2.4

23 Jun 2009, 3:07 AM

Looking at the Explorer Demo in GXT 1.2.4, I see a display difference in comparison to an older GXT version that I have (GXT 1.2.2):

In the LiveGroupSummary example, the data grid is initially grouped by Project. In GXT 1.2.4 the grid still displays the "Project" column, even though GroupSummaryView.setShowGroupedColumn(false) is specified in the source code Tab. In GXT 1.2.2, the "Project" column is hidden.

To have the "Project" column hidden in 1.2.4, I must group the grid by another column and the group it back by "Project" column.

Is there something that I missed here?