View Full Version : [FIXED] More than one widget in grid (Bug in GridView)

23 Jun 2009, 5:28 AM

I created a grid with a GridCellRenderer that returns a ComboBox on column 2 and another GridCellRenderer that returns a DateField on column 3 ,but only the DateField is displayed.
If I remove the GridCellRenderer that returns DateField, the ComboBox is well displayed.

It comes from the widgetMap attribute of GridView that is a
List<Map<String, Widget>>
and to look if the map of widget has already been defined for the rowIndex, we have
if (widgetMap.contains(rowIndex)) (line 963)

I tried to change the type of widgetMap in
Map<Integer, Map<String, Widget>>
and the line 963 by
if (widgetMap.containsKey(rowIndex))
and it works

the problem is in TreeGridView too (line 255)


24 Jun 2009, 5:51 AM
Fixed in SVN