View Full Version : Running GXT Examples: How to select eclipse run configuration?

24 Jun 2009, 12:28 PM
Hello. I would like to run the GXT samples, and "Examples (com.extjs.gxt.samples)" appears as an option under Run Configurations, however, Eclipse continues to run the GWT sample even when I select and run the "Examples" configuration.

Does anyone know how to switch configurations so as to run the GXT samples?

Steps taken (GXT 2.0 M3/GWT 1.6.4/Eclipse 3.4.2)

1. Created Google Web Application (very convenient), ran the sample that comes with the Web Application in hosted mode, added GXT per setup.txt, built and re-ran sample.

2. Added the GXT src trees for samples, resources, explorer into the project, built and re-ran sample.