View Full Version : [FNR] TreeItems stay highlighted as drop targets

Jose Jeria
25 Jun 2009, 5:57 AM
TreeItems stays highlighted as DND targets sometimes

Steps to reproduce
Go to the "Reordering Tree (http://www.extjs.com/explorer/#reorderingtree)" example
Expand "Misc"
Drag "Buttons" to "Misc" without releasing mouse button
Move mouse back to "Buttons" and let go of left mouse buttonThe steps above will sometimes keep "Misc" highlighted as a drop target, even though nothing was dragged and dropped. This can lead to confusion, since it is difficult to see what element is selected.

This can also be reproduced with the 2.0m3 release.

Tested with IE 8 and Firefox 3.5

25 Jun 2009, 6:05 AM
Moved this to 1.2 section as Tree is a 1.2 component

Jose Jeria
25 Jun 2009, 6:08 AM
This also happens with the TreePanel.

30 Jun 2009, 11:14 AM
Fixed in SVN for 1.2 and 2.0. The issue does not happen in TreePanel (it may have previously).