View Full Version : Searching for a simple and smart day view component

1 Jul 2009, 2:37 AM

For one day and a half now I am searching for a simple day view component which should be simple and smart. Something like the DayPilot example (http://www.daypilot.org/demo/Lite/DayView.aspx).

I've also tried the E2CS extension component but it doesn't react if you change the store backing up the component. So if you disable all the tabs..buttons and use this component only for displaying nicely the data, once initialized, is stuck.

Also I need the number of rows per hour to be only 2, like in dayPilot.

Actually all that I need is to have this view backed up by a store and the view to react whenever data are changed in the store. No other fancy edit/remove/drag&drop directly on the date view component.

Do you know where I can find something like this?

Unfortunately the DayPilot example is an ASP page and I can't reuse the code in javascript.

Any ideas are welcomed. Thank you.