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6 Jun 2007, 12:46 AM

This is the best framework i have worked in for a while! maximum bigup!!

Not sure if this is a bug. I have tooltips on my tree nodes in a panel(west) similar to your complex layout example. They work like a charm when the panel is docked, however, when i close the panel and open it by for previewing (by clicking in the middle of the panel, nice little functionality there! ;) ) then when i mouseover the nodes, the tooltips appear, however, they are behind the panel!
Is there anyway to bring them in front?

pics attached,
good - is when the panel is open and docked
bad - is when the panel is opened momentarily

thanks again for a truly world class framework!

6 Jun 2007, 1:25 AM
This is fixed in the 1.1 beta.

6 Jun 2007, 8:36 AM
Thanks for a speedy reply!