View Full Version : [FIXED] TabPanel close context menu

2 Jul 2009, 4:30 AM

the close context menu of tabpanel doesn't fire event before close
the french translation of Close all others tab haven't been done.

Frédéric BASTIDE

2 Jul 2009, 4:40 AM
If you are able to give us the frensh translations, feel free to do so. We will integrate them.

2 Jul 2009, 4:50 AM
Just one is missing :
Close all others tab = Fermer tous les autres onglets

Frédéric BASTIDE

2 Jul 2009, 4:53 AM
Events are now fired. Change is in SVN.

7 Jul 2009, 3:21 AM
First of all thank you for the two corrections: it's work.

Threre's another french translation missing for FileUploadField: browse = Parcourir

Finally can you help me for the post in help forum: http://extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?t=73136

I can't find an issue.

Best regards

Frédéric BASTIDE