View Full Version : GXT2.0rc2 tooltip on treenode

2 Jul 2009, 6:44 AM

i'm migrating from gxt1 to gxt2rc2.

To have different tooltip for each node of a tree in gxt1 i create my own Treebinder:

public class KwTreeBinder<M extends ModelData> extends TreeBinder<ItemModelData> {
protected boolean hasChildren(ItemModelData parent) {
return parent.hasChildren();
public KwTreeBinder(Tree tree, TreeStore<ItemModelData> store) {
super(tree, store);
// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
protected TreeItem createItem(ItemModelData model) {
TreeItem treeItem = super.createItem(model);
return treeItem;

I can't find a solution in gxt2!!!

Thanks for your help.

Frédéric BASTIDE

7 Jul 2009, 3:24 AM
in GXT2 i suggest to use QuickTips. You can override TreePanelView getTemplate to setup the quicktip in the html output