View Full Version : What's the diffrence between DirectJNgine and DWR?

5 Jul 2009, 5:26 PM
I think they are so alike.:-/
May someone tell me something about their diffrences?
And, if I've done something to make ExtJs working right with DWR, do I need DirectJNgine?
At last, sorry for my foor English.:)

6 Jul 2009, 7:35 AM

DirectJNgine is targeted at gluing ExtJs and nothing else with a Java backend, whereas DWR is targeted at gluing JavaScript with Java, and is library-independent. That means that you will have to provide additional glue to link DWR and ExtJs components (or find it somewhere), something that tends to be cumbersome and error prone.

Therefore, you should expect DirectJNgine to be much easier to use with ExtJs. Remember, that is the whole point of it.

I expect specific ExtJs components to become more and more Direct-friendly, and DirectJNgine to become more and more useful to write ExtJs/Java programs.

That said, if there are many scenarios where you will not be using ExtJs and need to communicate to a Java backend, then DWR might be your cup of coffee.


Pedro Agullo

6 Jul 2009, 7:50 AM
DWR does have one advantage. It's been around for quite some time now, so you can expect it to be stable and solid.

Both Ext.direct and DirectJNgine are pretty new, so they have to prove themselves first.

6 Jul 2009, 4:51 PM
I get point.
Thank U so much.
All of U.