View Full Version : Problem with beginner tutorial and "method not allowed" error...

7 Jul 2009, 4:20 PM
Hi, all...

I'm just starting with Ext and trying to work my way through the beginner tutorials and have run into a problem with the first AJAX tutorial.

It's the "enter your text in a text field, click the OK button, and see your entry below the field", tutorial.

However, when I click the OK button, I get an error in Firebug telling me that the "Method is not allowed"... an HTTP verb problem.

Is it the "post" verb that IIS 7 isn't allowing in the Ext AJAX function?

And could anyone tell me how to get IIS 7, if that's the problem, to allow this? I haven't had this problem with other libraries AJAX calls.

I have searched these forums and Google for the answer, but nothing has worked so far.



7 Jul 2009, 5:05 PM
I think this is solved. The issue seems to be that IIS 7.5 as installed doesn't allow static files, in this case, the ExtStart.html file, to process AJAX requests. I changed the .html file to a .cfm file and the process is no longer returning a "Method not allowed" error.

The problem I have now is that when the AJAX process is run, I get all the html back from the page with the form. ???