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7 Jul 2009, 8:43 PM

I tried to run a simple window on ext gwt. but I got lot of errrors like following

[ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/bhanu/ganymede_workspace/HelloGWT/lib/gxt.jar!/com/extjs/gxt/ui/client/event/DomEvent.java'
[ERROR] Line 320: The method getRelatedEventTarget() is undefined for the type Event
[ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/bhanu/ganymede_workspace/HelloGWT/lib/gxt.jar!/com/extjs/gxt/ui/client/util/KeyNav.java'
[ERROR] Line 139: The method getCurrentEventTarget() is undefined for the type Event

and finally

[TRACE] Finding entry point classes
[ERROR] Unable to find type 'com.example.client.Hello'
[ERROR] Hint: Check the inheritance chain from your module; it may not be inheriting a required module or a module may not be adding its source path entries properly
[ERROR] Failure to load module 'com.example.Hello'

I have added resource, themes and charts into the path.

I could not figure out the problem. I was trying for this past one week.:((

My environment details:

Eclipse Genymede

8 Jul 2009, 12:53 AM
Are you sure that you are using GWT 1.6 and that you only have the GWT 1.6 libs in your classpath?

8 Jul 2009, 3:09 AM
Thanks for the reply. No I am using GWT 1.5. Lemme try GWT 1.6. Sir is it mandatory that I need to put resources into my classpath?


8 Jul 2009, 5:23 AM
Sir I downloaded gwt 1.6 and now I am able to run the application. thanks u so much.

But small problem,
when I am using window it is not showing anything only title name is appearing . and I am able to to drag the name that mean window is there but it is not visible.

bhanu lakshmi