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8 Jul 2009, 9:00 AM
I need some help with grid state. I am writing a much larger application than in the past with ExtJs so I am running into a new issue. I am working with tabs in a viewport and when a user clicks on a menu item it opens a tab with a grid with the following type of call:

Ext.getCmp('MainTab').add( { title: leaf, id: moduleid, iconCls: 'tagIcon', closable: true, layout: 'fit', items: [new TicketsGrid(userid,'ticketgrid')] });

My grid code is in a separate js file. The first call always restores the state of the grid properly. Once the tab is closed, any subsiquent call to the menu item opens the tab with the grid having no state restoration. In my call I always pass the same grid id variable (in my code call example it's the 'ticketgrid' value), I have also tried setting the unique id's on each of the columns so that they are the same each time. My guess is the closing of the tab and the subsequent destroying of the grid id but I need a tip on how to handle this situation.

I appreciate any hints on a solution.