View Full Version : Drag and drop from DataView

10 Jul 2009, 3:14 PM
Hello. I'm trying to create an application with two panels with DataView components. Right panel provides available images to be dragged and dropped to left panel. Pulling out image from left panel will remove it.
Here is an example application I made: http://waip.ru/ajaxtest/test.html
Images addition works god, but when I try make left panel items work as the situation I'm getting stuck. First of all, I want to have ghost icon on draggable item become like DropAvailable icon when I'm moving it off the first panel and become DropNotAvailable when the item is moved into the panel. Can you do a quick look at my source code though FireBug and give me any advices? Do you have any related examples with this functionality?
Thank you very much for attention.