View Full Version : Jack's been working hard!

21 Nov 2006, 1:21 AM
Haven't heard a thing from him in a while, there must be thousands of lines of new code about to be released! Looking forward to the announcement :wink:

Just took a sneak peek at his new Resizable by opening Firebug on the forum and typing


into the console command line.

The yui-ext console will appear (double click to hide it, click and drag to move it).

It's 8-way resizable on mousover of the border area. No extra handles. Amazing work!

21 Nov 2006, 3:30 AM
Haha, how did you find that already?

I didn't want to have to include the logger stuff every time I wanted a debug message and alert was driving me insane.

YAHOO.printf takes a DomHelper style format string and logs it. For example:

YAHOO.printf('x = {0}, y = {1}', x, y);

Resizable and it's algorithms have been completely redone from scratch. 8 way resizing, preserveRatio, auto wrapping of images, textareas, etc, auto offsets for wrapped elements, snapping improvements, drag and drop initializable. I have a whole new example page for it loaded with examples.

I will be putting it up today if I get this last minute nasty bug in TabPanel fixed!