View Full Version : new "arbitrary html panel" in 3.0?

15 Jul 2009, 1:50 PM
I recall from the ext-js 2009 conference there was mention of a ext-js 3.0 panel that will display "arbitrary html"...

I need something like this to render legacy content w/in an ext-js application.

The legacy pages are available today w/in a frameset, and I figure an iframe could be used for the container instead.

However, there is (no doubt) a number of details to get this all working just right... and when I heard about the "html panel", it sounded just like what I needed... likely with all the details worked out.

Ideally, this panel would take a URL (as opposed to html).

I checked through the ext 3.0 docs but couldn't find anything.

thanks for any info. (especially an example.)


15 Jul 2009, 8:51 PM
Jeff -

You are looking for the new configuration option of Ext.Panel called preventBodyReset. When set to true it will isolate all of your html within the panel to use w3c standards instead of the reset.css.

You can use the autoLoad configuration to pull in your html from a url and/or you can use the html configuration to set it manually.

Take a look at the Panels sample and compare panel 2 and 3.