View Full Version : Use different tabPanel styles in a web site

17 Jul 2009, 2:38 AM
Hi all,

I've tried to use different tabPanel styles at the same time in a web site.When I create a new tabPanel object i specify where it refers to using the referTo attribute, just a div that exists in a html file with a static structure. There i wrote as a css class "x-tab", by default, and i obtened the expected result.
However when i debbuged the web site using firefox i saw that there were many classes that began with the same class name i wrote (x-tab) with other endings.
I've gonne to the css file and i've found these classes and realized that changing them i change what i want but in ALL tabPanel objects co-existing!!!!
So, I tried to copy all x-tab.... in another css file, changed contents and names. I called them like aux-strip-top, etc... (I also changed the class name in the div which is refered by the tabPanel object).............but it still doesnt work!!!
Any ideas??'
How can I change styles??????

tomas.sanchez ARROBA geo-st.com