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21 Jul 2009, 5:10 AM

I am using the ext-js 3 docs as a base for my own doc project, but when inserting an iframe with src='....pdf', in the html content page (tab panel), after opening another tab, then going back to the tab with the iframe, the iframe is blank. This only occurs in FF (am using v3.0.11). IE and Chrome are fine.

go to folder ext js 3/docs
edit welcome.html and insert two iframes in the <div class="col">
The src for one below is a small pdf that I found online, but you can use your own local pdf if you prefer. the other is just src google, as follows:

<div id="welcome">
<div class="col">
<div id="search">
added line... <iframe src='http://dictionary.oed.com/pdfs/oed-quickref.pdf'></iframe>
added line... <iframe src='http://www.google.com/'></iframe>

in FF, open the http://localhost/ext-js3/docs/ (replace ext-js3 with whatever yours is)
both iframes should appear side by side in small bordered frames, loaded with pdf and google respectively.
now open another tab panel by selecting any doc tree item
finally, click on the home tab panel
Result :
iframe with google is still loaded
iframe with pdf is blank

As mentioned this only occurs in FireFox (am using v3.0.11). IE and Chrome are fine.

I have Adobe Reader 9 installed, running xampp in win xp

thanks for any help.

21 Jul 2009, 5:13 AM
If you're looking for help, please post in the help forum, not bugs.

21 Jul 2009, 5:18 AM
apologies, I thought that because this was a browser specific issue, it was maybe a bug.