View Full Version : CheckboxSelectionModel and checkOnly:true in an EditorGridPanel

22 Jul 2009, 7:26 AM
I am trying to create an editable grid with a selection column. I have created my EditorGridPanel with a CheckboxSelectionModel and all is well so far.

However I want the selection to change only when the user checks the checkboxes in the selection column. I have set the checkOnly config option to true when creating the CheckboxSelectionModel object and on the surface this appears to work.

However as soon as the user clicks into an editable cell within the grid, the selection changes to that particular row. All other selection checkboxes are cleared, and the one for the row being edited is checked. This isn't the behaviour I want: I want the user to be able to edit any row, but with the selection checkboxes left entirely alone unless the user actually clicks on one of them.

Is there a way for me to achieve this?

(ExtJS 3.0.0 final, tested with the same behaviour in FF3.5 and IE7).