View Full Version : Ext GWT Samples - Online vs. Downloaded version

3 Aug 2009, 12:23 AM

does anybody know whether there's a difference between the online Ext GWT Explorer samples at http://extjs.com/examples and the downloaded samples?

Background: I'm trying to optimize our GUI test tool QF-Test for use with Ext and Ext GWT.
I deployed the examples.war from the gxt-2.0.1.zip in a local tomcat. It looks and works identical to the online samples. However, I'm seeing very subtle differences in the event handling in IE7 between the online samples and my tomcat deployed version that suggest that the Javascript code is not identical. Things work much better in the online version.

This could be a timing issue, but before starting to dig I'd really appreciate if somebody could tell me whether these two versions are identical or different and, in case of the latter, where I could get a version for local deployment that is identical to the online version (I need the local version for performance and stability reasons when running countinous tests).

Thanks and best Regards,