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3 Aug 2009, 2:19 AM
Hey there!

I'm searching for a solution for following problem:

I have a simple BaseModelData structure, for example:

class OwnerModelData extends BaseModelData
public final String CHILD_1 = "child_1";

public final String CHILD_2 = "child_2";

public final String CHILD_3 = "child_3";

public ObjectDataModel getChild1()
return get(CHILD_1);

public void setChild1(ObjectDataModel child1)
set(CHILD_1, child1);



class ObjectDataModel extends BaseDataModel
public final String VALUE = "value";

public String getValue()
return get(VALUE );

public void setChild1(String value)
set(VALUE , value);


Then I have a tree, where I add this example with OwnerDataModel as root and each child as a node of it.

I have a form where I have (for example) three comboboxes with different ObjectDataModel-Lists in it. Each is bound to a child of the OwnerDataModel.


When I'm switching now the ComboBox it changes normally the bound child object to the selected one. But how I can now update the tree, that it shows the value of the new selected child? Normally it works with store.update(BaseDataModel...), but it is a totally different reference, the tree doesn't find the new selected ObjectDataModel and a update on the old ObjectDataModel doesn't help.

Best regards

6 Aug 2009, 5:00 AM
can you give us a working sample code that we can try it...