View Full Version : ComboBox + Large SimpleStore = Scrolling Page [SOLVED]

13 Jun 2007, 1:24 AM
I've been trying to use Ext for 2 weeks now, and been winning until now.

I've got static data stored in an array (in a .js file) of names, and rendering it on a combo-box with filtering on values of other form fields.

There are approximately 900 records in the array, I have recently noticed that upon loading of the page, it seems like a hidden layer is generated outside the page, however it is so large its causing the page to trail several lines long, triggering the scroll bars to appear.

This is happening on both Ext 1.0 as well as 1.1-beta

However, on an 'expand' -> 'collapse' event, it will fix itself right up.
I cannot figure out why this would happen.
I'm sorry about my horrible english, I hope my babbling is understandable.
I've included a picture of "pre" combobox event, and "post" combobox event. Please have a look the the right margin, where it shows the scroll bar "disappear".

The codebase is the same as the one in example, however the state.js file has been modified to include the 900+ prefectures of Japan.

It also has the firebug debug, showing the layer position...

Have I found a bug? or did I miss something in the docs?

1 Jul 2007, 9:14 PM
FYI, I solved the problem by overriding the CSS element for the inner list of combo-box:

.x-combo-list-inner {
height: 100px;