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6 Aug 2009, 5:37 AM
Hello all.

I have 4 initial questions about the Desktop component and related. One thing to notice is that I managed to do all these 4 things on ExtJS 2. I just can't get to do the same things on Ext-GWT 2.

1) How to change the start button caption and icon? My language is brazilian portuguese, and a "Start" captioned button may cause me some trouble. Looking at the gxt.jar's source I saw I can't get access to the startButton property of the StartBox class. Having this would solve the problem, I guess. Could you make it "protected" as most of it already is?

2) How to keep the taskbar always on the top of all open windows? Running the WebDesktop from the Ext site, one can see that using the ExtJS version this is the default behavior as opposed to the Ext-GWT version of the same example. I need it to behave just like ExtJS' example.

3) How to make an application wide modal window? On ExtJS I did it changing the Ext.WindowMgr.zseed property. What is the Ext-GWT equivalent?

4) How to add more panels to the taskbar? On my ExtJS version of my application I added a clock to the taskbar, just like Windows (and Linux as well) does, using a timer and a div tag.

Any help would be very appreciated! :D