View Full Version : Waiting for asyn service to finish

7 Aug 2009, 2:29 AM
Hi all,

i have a method which is callinging an async service, which returns a boolean.

This method releases a handle on a database and is in the base implementation
of my sindow, so every child window can use this and afterwards doing other work.

But the super() implementation always returns after calling and doesn't wait for finish
the async service call - of course - and the child window does the next steps to
fast - before the async service is done.

So - how can i wait for the method (calling the async service), to be finished, only
when the async service is done.


7 Aug 2009, 11:12 PM

nobody knows this?
or is this the wrong place for asking?

i know, this is not directly a GXT question ... but maybe
someone had the same problem and solved it.